Sometime during each and every day, we choose what to wear.  Isn’t it hard to be happy or excited about rummaging through a jam-packed closet; you can’t find that white top you know you just washed, you run across that green patterned dress that you forgot you even had, and why is my leopard print cardigan so wrinkled??

Did you know that clothes need to breathe? A tiny air space around your garments will certainly make a difference in what we call ‘fit & freshness’. 

The Three R’s to a great closet is to ‘reassess, rotate & repopulate’.  Do this a few times a year to spawn a closet to reflect your ongoing ever-changing lifestyle. We’ve found our clients like to use The Pile System when minimizing the “mess in their closet”.  Create three piles: Consign, Keep, Donate

Consignment is a terrific way to remove any guilt you have about a bad purchase, or items that no longer fit; offering you that ROI on your wardrobe (Return On your Investment!)

Three things to ask yourself while cleaning out your closet and deciding what to keep:  Do I love it?  Does it fit?  Do I feel good wearing it?

If you haven’t worn it, will not wear it, or simply wished you hadn’t purchased it at all, then please, add them to your Consignment Pile. This includes any shoes that you have not worn, and designer handbags that you thought you HAD to have, but now seem too large, too small, too something. Don’t let them sit there as an unpleasant reminder.

            Reward yourself by reselling it quickly, rather than too late.

Michelle’s accepts consignments everyday except Sunday; bring yours today.