You can only coast in one direction…

After two decades in the resale/consignment business, it felt like I was finally reaching what I lovingly called “the exhale season”.  You know, that point where, as a small business owner, you are able to finally get a good night’s sleep, pay your amazing staff a decent wage, and maybe even take a day off every month or so.

But then, smack out of the blue, my Pastor at (Chesapeake, VA) was preaching a message on – I don’t know – something good in the bible, and one sentence stuck out like a big neon sign. Pastor Jim had said, “You can only coast in one direction.” – What? – Wow, is this what I was doing?  Coasting??

See, this is how God works.  He eases right in there when He knows you’ll hear.

That was it. Time to grow again.

Growing pains are real… but worth it.

Our amazing little store was already in a great location; Bennetts Creek Crossing on Bridge Rd, in north Suffolk.  (2 lights down from the famous Bennett’s Creek Farm Market )

So, how do we grow?  How do we not coast?

I had always wanted to sell online, but mostly felt ‘too small’ to get a foothold on the world wide web. – But, with God, nothing is too small! —  It wasn’t long before my staff & I declared, “Let’s build an online store!!”  And folks, that exactly what we’ve done. – It’s been an adventure, for sure, and I am still feeling lost and dazed as we continue to build on what you see here today. Putting together an online presence is definitely not for the faint of heart, and we could NOT have done it without Richard and his magnificent little company called Monkeys in Hats at  – Richard is one of our long distance heroes!

Baby steps count in Everyone’s Journey

We have a long way to go still, as we learn proper shipping rates, packaging, photo shoots, etc.  Sometimes it feels to me that I’m learning too slow, or algorithms are too difficult, and my photos aren’t uploading correctly, or the internet is acting funny… etc. etc.  BUT, we still keep moving, pushing forward, little by little, bit by bit.

When I say ‘we’ I mean The Team at Michelle’s. This Team is the most encouraging, flexible and delightful group of girls EVER.  Their willingness to adapt and embrace all that is required to grow like we are is yet another gift from above.  – I love these girls. –

Our only goal is to serve you, our customer, the best you’ve ever been served before!

As we continue on this new and exciting trek with you, please remember what my Pastor Jim said that one seemingly ordinary Sunday morning.

“You can only coast in one direction…”  — Tell me, in what area of your life could you be coasting?