Folks Ask Us this All the Time.

Back during the time that we were expanding our cutest little Consignment Shop for the third time (to triple its current size) I knew we needed a new name that would ‘capture’ my vision of what was to come.  Reading some random magazine while waiting for an eye appointment, an article appeared about a hybrid vehicle or something. There was a sub-title that caught my eye (no pun); the bolder print read that the word hybrid meant “the offspring of two different species or varieties”.  THAT WAS IT!  This was our store! Over the past 20 years or so, my little upscale resale shop had grown to become somewhat Hybrid; the offspring of two different varieties…  Terrific hand-selected crisp & current consignments AND sweet unique Boutique Retail clothing and jewelry.

And We Blend So Well!

I wanted our customers to be able to walk into our fashion boutique and within a minute or so know that ours was the store where she could fill her closet with the new season’s wardrobe no matter her budget.  And folks, we have done just that! — With God’s guidance and many many outstanding Consignors, The Team & I have built quite an impressive display of ever-changing apparel items, shoes, boots and designer handbags.

Then there’s the Boutique Department at Michelle’s; with its nice array of on-trend hi-demand fashion pieces along with literally walls of exclusive jewelry and accessories.

The perfect blend; ie: hybrid.

We Love the Love.

Our customers tell us all the time how they love the combination of boutique retail and fresh consignment.  Some of them prefer lots of boutique with a little consignment basics to complete their looks, and many others mostly favor the mighty bargains of our ultramodern consignments with a bit of boutique to round it all up. – Either way, my Team and I are so happy we chose “hybrid” to differentiate our great little store from anything else around.

Please stop by and tell us what YOU think! 😊